About CFLI

Change lives. Starting with yours.

Scripps Center for Learning & Innovation develops aligned learning that improves performance, promotes innovation and supports development at each stage of your career. Because of our dedication to continuous improvement in quality, services and clinical outcomes, Scripps has been recognized as a premier learning organization and a prized career destination.

The CFLI learning strategy incorporates three key principles:

  • Preparing Employees for Success
    From the first day at Scripps, you receive the knowledge, support and resources you need to build a strong, rewarding career. CFLI provides departmental and system-wide learning and development to strengthen relationships, boost performance, and create an efficient and enjoyable work environment.
  • Supporting Individual Growth and Development
    Investing in our employees’ future is a priority, and CFLI plays an essential role in providing valuable services and programs to ensure that your objectives are attained, including a variety of professional development courses, financial assistance to further your academic preparation and programs to foster the growth and success of emerging leaders.
  • Meeting Future Demands
    CFLI designs employee career development programs to meet the need for nurses and other high-demand professionals by collaborating with local education providers. Our outreach program partners with local high schools and colleges to offer students a unique opportunity to work alongside Scripps health care professionals.