How to Apply

Apply for a Job at Scripps Health Today

In compliance with Affirmative Action guidelines, all resumes must be submitted online through our applicant tracking system.

Getting started

Thank you for your interest in Scripps! We recommend that you submit an application as quickly as possible once you find a position of interest at Scripps. Because applications are reviewed manually by a Talent Advisor to ensure basic and minimum qualifications have been met, we encourage you to fill out applications as completely and clearly as possible. You may also create a job agent — available in the Search Jobs section — to receive automatic notifications of new job openings.

Step 1: Apply online

Review the currently available positions by clicking Search Jobs. To apply, click the job title of interest to open the job description. Review the entire job description, including basic and minimum requirements, then click “Apply” to submit an application.

Please note:

  • A separate online application submission is required for each position.
  • Please review the basic and minimum qualifications listed for each position. Applications that do not meet the listed requirements will not be considered.
  • Please review each application carefully before submitting. Once your application has been submitted, you may not make any changes.
  • If you withdraw your application, you may not reapply to the same position.

Step 2: TalentMine assessment

In addition to an online application, completion of the online TalentMine assessment is also required. This assessment is to be taken only once in a 12-month period. Your application is considered incomplete until the assessment is submitted.

How it works:

  • Once you’ve submitted the online job application, the tracking system will automatically take you to the assessment if you have not taken it before or if it’s been longer than 12 months since you last took it.
  • If you submit multiple applications, the assessment will be part of the first application submitted for that 12-month period.

Step 3: Check status

Due to the high number of applications we receive, we unfortunately cannot guarantee contact via phone with each candidate not selected for an interview. If you are waiting for a status update, please check your email for communications and use the check status feature in the Search Jobs section of our site —located at the bottom of that page.

Please note:

  • Scripps manually reviews applications for each job posting so it may take a few days for your application status to change. Please continue to check the website and your email for any updates.
  • Internal candidates can check their status through the Search Jobs section on This feature is not available on the employee portal.

Application stages viewable in the Check Status section

  • Submission Received — Application and TalentMine have been received and are being screened for consideration, or application has been received and is pending submission of TalentMine assessment.
  • Withdrew — Candidate withdrew application from consideration and is no longer eligible for that position number.
  • Applicant Review — Application is currently under review for interview consideration, or interview is scheduled, or interview results are pending.
  • No longer under consideration — Application did not meet basic/minimum qualifications for the position, or an offer has been accepted by another candidate.
  • Blank — If the field is blank, this means the position has been closed.