Non-Clinical Student Programs & Internships

Health Care Experiences Beyond the Bedside

Student intern, non-clinical

This program is designed to allow college students who need course credit to learn about the health care environment as it relates to their academic course objectives. Affiliation Agreements with each school and program are required for student participation. A limited number of paid opportunities may be available, but most non-clinical internships are unpaid. Scripps Non-Clinical Internship Applications (PDF, 124 KB) should be submitted to

High school programs

These programs create workplace exposure and learning opportunities for students who have an interest in health care; they integrate health care applications into traditional high school courses.

  • High School Exploration Program: This 5-week summer program, in partnership with the Health and Science Pipeline Initiative (HASPI), places students in a support or administrative setting. Participants must attend a HASPI participating school and must complete the application procedure through HASPI. For more information, please see the HASPI website.


Volunteers must be active men and women age 15 and older who are willing to make a commitment to volunteering at least three to four hours a week. Scripps volunteers include students, homemakers, part-time workers, retired persons and seniors. Volunteers may have unique opportunities to work in the emergency department, intensive care unit, or surgery. Please visit the Volunteers page for more information.