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A $500,000 Price Challenge Grant for the Mary Ann Rumsey Endowment has been awarded to the Mercy Outreach Surgical Team (M.O.S.T.) program at Scripps Mercy Hospital. Named in memory of Mary Ann Rumsey, beloved wife of Scripps Mercy surgeon Eugene Rumsey, MD., the endowment will support a M.O.S.T. outreach mission to provide transformational surgeries in the heart of Mexico each year.

It honors the long-standing support and dedication of the Rumsey family and is a lovely reflection of Mary Ann’s wish to help the less fortunate.

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The M.0.S.T. Fundraising Challenge will match your gift to M.O.S.T. — dollar for dollar — doubling the value of your donation. Now is the best time to support M.O.S.T. and change the lives of those who need our help the most. To participate in the match, all donations must be made by or before June 30, 2015.

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