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  • Scripps in the News

    Scripps Cardiologist Discusses New Statin Guidelines on CNN

    Scripps Clinic cardiologist Eric Topol, MD, joined Dr. Sanjay Gupta on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Live” program to discuss new guidelines for determining whether a person should take a statin drug to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. “There has been a ...

    • Wednesday, November 20th, 2013
  • Scripps in the News

    Scripps CEO Reveals His Favorite Apps

    When Scripps Health President and CEO Chris Van Gorder turns on his smartphone, he’s likely to open a wide range of apps that help him navigate his varied daily roles. He discussed his favorite apps during a recent interview with Press Ganey blogger Diana Mahoney. Some of his top go-to ...

    • Wednesday, November 20th, 2013
  • Scripps in the News

    Scripps Explores Intensive Care Unit with UT San Diego Readers

    In Scripps Health’s latest “Savvy Patient” article in the UT San Diego, Scott Eisman, MD, offers a behind-the-scenes look at how a hospital intensive care unit works. Understanding the ICU is often helpful to patients, friends and family during this stressful time. Visit UT San Diego to read Nurses ...

  • News Releases

    Scripps CEO Receives 2013 Innovation Award from Press Ganey

    Press Ganey, the leading patient experience improvement firm, today announced that Chris Van Gorder, president and CEO of Scripps Health, is the winner of its Innovation Award during its annual National Client & Executive Leadership Conferences in Orlando. The Innovation Award is given to ...

    • Tuesday, November 19th, 2013
  • Health and Wellness

    Foods That Can Sabotage Your Diet

    What to avoid when trying to slim down The formula to lose weight, on its surface, seems simple: eat fewer calories and exercise more. Unfortunately, foods and activities that we believe will help us lose weight may not always provide the benefits we anticipate. In some cases, if we’re not careful, ...

  • Health and Wellness

    How Many Calories Are You Burning in a Day?

    One of the reasons many people have trouble losing weight is that they don’t understand the relationship between food, exercise and calories. Generally, people underestimate how many calories are in food and overestimate how many calories they burn during exercise. This may be a recipe for weight ...

  • Health and Wellness

    What Are the Best Foods to Eat if You Are Trying to Lose Weight?

    To lose weight, you have to make good choices about the food you eat. It’s not always simple. Fat-filled, high-calorie snacks are easy to find and consume. Healthy foods, like fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins often require a little more preparation. So eating foods that will ...

  • Health and Wellness

    What You Should Know Before Deciding to Have Bariatric Surgery

    The risks, benefits and costs to consider Surgery is always serious, so before moving forward with a bariatric procedure, it’s important to understand the costs, potential side effects and other issues that may affect your decision. What are the complications and side effects? For people who are ...

  • Health and Wellness

    How Can I Get My Toddler to Behave?

    It’s not difficult, or uncommon, for parents to fall into a corrective mode with their toddler. In other words, they see their child doing something wrong and immediately spring into action. No doubt, this is often motivated by concerns for the child’s safety, as well as the parents’ sanity, but it ...

  • News

    Scripps’ Whittier Friends Top Charts to Benefit Diabetes

    On Thursday, Aug. 29, 2013, 175 friends of the Scripps Whittier Diabetes Institute joined “all together” to support vital diabetes services in our community at a fun benefit concert at Humphreys by the Bay, featuring the top-notch Beatles cover band – The Fab Four. The event, ...