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    Difficulty Losing Weight Could Be Red Flag For Heart Disease

    Trying to lose those holiday pounds may be harder than you think, especially if you’re one of the 33% of adults who suffer from Metabolic Syndrome, also called Syndrome X. Quickly becoming one of the major public health concerns in the United States, Metabolic Syndrome has emerged as a ...

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    Women's Health Fact Sheet

    As stress factors swell to include a fear of safety and an increased anxiety over the well-being of their families, more women are interested in total health and work/life balance, according to Linda Thompson, MD, a physician the Scripps Center for Executive Health. So much so, that the Center for ...

  • Health and Wellness

    Why Pay for a Physical?

    A standard physical by a general practitioner takes minutes, with a doctor or physician assistant spending an average of 15-20 minutes with a patient. An executive physical means executive treatment. It’s an aggressive approach to preventative medicine with an all-day battery of diagnostic ...

  • Health and Wellness

    Understanding Clinical Depression

    by Charles Moreau M.D., Scripps Mercy Hospital Many people may experience periods of sadness during their lifetime. This feeling may last for as little as a couple of hours or for as long as two weeks or more. Although many people equate depression with an extended period of sadness, people who ...

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    Preventing Sports Related Injuries in Children

    by Dr. Norman Kane, Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla More than 30 million children participate in organized sports in the United States, with millions more participating in recreational activities such as skateboarding, in-line skating, and bicycling. Each year, approximately 775,000 children are ...

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    10,000 Steps to Better Health

    by Athena Philis-Tsimikas, M.D., Whittier Institute for Diabetes There are a variety of reasons why many men and women fail to exercise on a regular basis. Some people find the gym too intimidating or inconvenient, while others simply lack the time or motivation. However, a recent study suggests ...

    • Tuesday, September 14th, 2004
  • Health and Wellness

    Is Your Teen's Behavior Typical Adolescence or Substance Abuse?

    by Julie Kunin, Ph.D., Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla Your eighth-grade daughter used to be a star sprinter, but lately she’s lost interest in the track team. Your 16-year-old son seems to have a whole new set of friends, and you barely know their names. Is this normal teenage behavior or ...

    • Thursday, September 2nd, 2004
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    Avoiding the Injury Bug

    SAN DIEGO — Of the 35-40 million annual injury-related emergency room visits, approximately 3.7 million are sports-induced, meaning nearly four million people go to the emergency room each year in the United States due to a sports-related injury. Sports injuries appear to be on the rise, most ...

    • Wednesday, September 1st, 2004
  • Health and Wellness

    Focus on Sports Eye Safety

    by Mihir Parikh, M.D., Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla Baseball, basketball, soccer, surfing…you name it, and we probably play it somewhere in San Diego. Our mild climate makes it easy to participate in sports year-round – and now that summer is officially here, we’re out in full ...

    • Tuesday, August 24th, 2004
  • Health and Wellness

    Aging and Joint Inflammation

    by Scott Carstens, M.D., Scripps Center for Executive Health Members of the baby boomer generation are beginning to reach their 50s and 60s and seniors are living longer than ever, causing a large influx of older men and women in our society. As their bodies change, there is a need for them to ...

    • Friday, July 30th, 2004