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Scripps hosts a range of health and wellness events throughout San Diego County. Activities include everything from heart health seminars to parenting classes and special fundraising events.

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  • Support Groups

    Bereavement Support Group: Parent Loss

    Join Others and Share Your Experiences This weekly, professionally facilitated group offers support for adults grieving the death of a parent. The loss of a mother and/or father can be difficult, but this group can help. Get education about the grieving process Learn coping skills Share your ...

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    Postpartum and Pelvic Floor Wellness

    What Changes with Childbirth and Afterwards? Join a physical therapist who specializes in women’s health to learn how you can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles during the weeks and months after childbirth. Attend and learn: Easy exercises to help improve muscle strength The function of the ...

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    Diabetes Care Technology: Insulin Pumps and Sensors

    Come learn about diabetes care technology from the experts and find out whether an insulin pump or continuous glucose sensor is right for you.

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    Adult, Infant and Child CPR for Family and Friends - La Jolla

    CPR and First Aid for the General Public This CPR class is designed for new parents, grandparents or anyone who wants to learn lifesaving skills. This class teaches adult, child and infant cardiopulmonary resuscitation, as well as choking relief. The class does not provide a course completion card ...

  • Support Groups

    Bereavement Support Group: Spouse Loss

    This weekly, professionally facilitated group offers support for adults grieving the death of a wife, husband or life partner.

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    Type 2 Diabetes Support Group - Vista

    Do You Have Type 2 Diabetes? Stay current, connected and supported in your diabetes care. Learn more about Type 2 diabetes in these monthly workshops that are facilitated by a Certified Diabetes Educator. Guest speakers stop by throughout the year, offering information relevant to people managing ...

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    Getting Ready for Baby (1 & 2) (Mercy)

    This two-session class will help new parents gain skills for caring for their newborn. The first class covers holding, bathing, diapering, swaddling and comforting a newborn. Bring a newborn-size doll or teddy bear, a diaper and a blanket. The second session is taught by a pediatrician and covers ...

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    Basic Life Support (BLS) Renewal for Health Care Professionals - Chula Vista

    BLS Renewal Course This is a renewal/refresher course for health care professionals who hold a current, non-expired BLS certification card. Topics covered include: Recognition of heart attack and stroke Adult, child and infant CPR Rescuer CPR techniques Rescue breathing AED practice Airway ...

    • Wednesday, April 15th, 2015
    • 8:30 am - 11:30 am
    • Chula Vista
    • $75.00
  • Conferences

    Sports Medicine Seminars 2015: Ulnar Collateral Ligament Injuries

    An Epidemic? Prevalence, Incidence, Treatment and Prevention April 15, 2015 Course Overview These seminars are designed for physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers and others who work with athletes. Content will consist of anatomy, mechanisms of injury, diagnostics and assessments, ...

    • Wednesday, April 15th, 2015
    • 5:30 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Support Groups

    Gentle Chair Yoga for Limited Mobility

    If your mobility is limited, come to class to: Meet others with similar challenges Learn poses to enhance balance and strength Learn breathing techniques to calm the mind and body Experience overall mindfulness and clarity The class is open to all in the community who have physical limitations ...