Scripps Clinic and Scripps Green Hospital Clerkships

Clerkships Offer a Variety of Medical Specialties

The Scripps Clinic and Scripps Green Hospital Internal Medicine Residency Program offers clerkships for fourth-year medical students (MS-4) in a variety of medical specialties. At the end of a clerkship, medical students’ performance evaluations are based on clinical, academic activities and interpersonal skills.

Clerkship opportunities

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Cardiovascular diseases clerkship

The student is supervised and sees patients with an attending physician at all times.

Educational experience
Students report to the Division of Cardiology, where they see patients with a wide variety of chronic and acute cardiovascular conditions or diseases in either the inpatient or outpatient setting.

All students will be expected to work up patients in the outpatient setting and present their findings to an assigned cardiology attending.

The inpatient-only experience may include:

  • Consulting with and managing cardiac patients from admission through the urgent care center, hospital transfer, pre- and post-surgery, and other referral sources.
  • Being assigned their own patient load, and working with an inpatient cardiologist and/or a cardiology fellow.
  • Participating in evening call if required, but students will not be expected to spend the night in the hospital.

The outpatient-only experience may include:

  • Working in the general cardiology clinic, the congestive heart failure clinic and the adult congenital heart disease clinic. Additional time in electrophysiology and cardiovascular genomics may also be available.
  • Reviewing test results, managing therapy and follow up. ECG interpretation, echocardiography and exercise stress testing, and electrophysiology procedures will be required elements of the rotation.
  • Exposure to the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory and Cardiac Surgery patients is also available.

Rounds and conferences
Attendance and participation in the conferences conducted by the Division of Cardiology is expected.

Diabetes/endocrinology/metabolism clerkship

Students rotating through this division are supervised by attending staff members at all times.

Educational experience
The experience focuses on assessment, management and outcomes of a primarily outpatient population presenting with a wide range of diabetic, metabolic and endocrinologic health concerns.

The experience may include:

  • Discussing comprehensive treatment plans and modalities after assessment for both short- and long-term therapies.
  • Assessment of complications of endocrine diseases, acute and chronic diabetic conditions and metabolic disorders in the inpatient population.
  • Opportunities to work in the Scripps Center for Nutrition and Metabolic Research. There are ongoing trials in investigational medications, diabetes control and weight management.
  • Other research and clinical opportunities tailored to students’ interests, educational goals and objectives.

Gastroenterology clerkship

All students rotating through the division see patients under the supervision of attending staff members.

Educational experience
Students report to the Division of Gastroenterology/Hepatology.

The experience may include:

  • Work ups, evaluating and participating in the diagnosis and management of inpatients and outpatients with a wide variety of acute and chronic gastroenterologic, hepatic diseases and other acute and chronic liver disorders
  • Gaining exposure to the gastroenterology laboratory, where students have the opportunity to observe and assess many of the procedures performed in the lab on a daily basis
  • Working with the liver transplant team

Rounds and conferences
Students may be expected to participate in evening call and will be expected to participate in the divisional journal club. Additionally, students may be offered the opportunity to present cases at division-wide conferences.

Infectious diseases clerkship

Students are strictly supervised by attending staff members and hospital infection control specialists at all times.

Educational experience
Students report to the Division of Infectious Diseases, where physicians provide consultation and ongoing care for patients who have documented infections.

The experience may include:

  • Observing staff members who evaluate patients with undiagnosed fevers (FUO), unusual illnesses and travel-related illnesses, and advise patients and physicians on the appropriate use of antimicrobial agents in the care of human infectious diseases
  • Observing patients who have undergone, or will undergo, solid organ or stem cell transplantation are also cared for in conjunction with the transplant physicians and surgeons
  • Participating in the consultation and management of patients who are hospitalized, as well as being involved in the evaluation of outpatients referred to the division
  • Working in the microbiology and virology laboratories in the diagnosis and supervision of viral infections and the use of culture and non-culture techniques

Integrative medicine clerkship

Educational experience
Students experience and participate in different modalities of integrative medicine using conventional and complementary medicine techniques, including healing heart clinic, healing touch, biofeedback, acupuncture, massage, prescribing herbs and homeopathic remedies, stress reduction, lipidology clinic and more.

The experience may also include:

  • Assessment and management of patients to the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine Center, which is part of Scripps Clinic
  • Research opportunities
  • Interaction with the various providers and consultation with primary care physicians, will be an important component of this clerkship
  • Rounds and conferences: Attendance is required at the weekly Tuesday conference, which involves all faculty and practitioners at the Center.

Pulmonary medicine clerkship

The student sees patients with an attending physician at all times.

Educational experience
Students report to the Division of Pulmonology where they will have the opportunity to observe and work with patients in the outpatient and inpatient setting.

The experience may include:

  • Observing patients with routine and complex disorders of the respiratory system
  • Evaluating and managing patients with cough and dyspnea. Abnormal radiographs will be emphasized
  • Observing patients with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, interstitial lung disease, lung cancer, venous thromboembolism, disorders of the pleura, pulmonary hypertension and sleep disordered breathing
  • Instruction in the performance and interpretation of pulmonary function tests
  • Observing bronchoscopies and performing thoracenteses
  • Observing and participating in activities related to the inpatient pulmonary consultation service
  • Research and clinical trial review

Rheumatology clerkship

Students will be supervised by attending staff members at all times.

Educational experience
Students participating in the rheumatology clerkship will have the opportunity to tailor their experience based on individual interests, educational goals and objectives.

The experience may include:

  • Observing clinical assessment, management and outcomes of a broad spectrum of autoimmune diseases, as well as a variety of musculoskeletal disorders common to the practice of rheumatology. These may include:
    • Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis Sjogrens Syndrome
    • Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy
    • Vasculitidies
    • Soft tissue rheumatic disorders, such as Fibromyalgia
  • Exposure to research protocols and ongoing clinical trials through the Musculoskeletal Center where collaboration with specialists in orthopedics, neurology and endocrinology integrates optimal patient care management.
  • Observing and performing minor office procedures and pharmacologic management of rheumatologic disorders.

Urgent care/emergency medicine clerkship

Students will be supervised by an attending physician at all times and assigned to an emergency medicine mentor.

Educational experience
Students report to the urgent care center located in the Anderson Outpatient Pavilion, which is equipped to care for children and adults with all types of illness, trauma and injury. Students, based on their interests and medical school requirements, will see patients for immediate triage and clinical assessment.

The experience may include:

  • Opportunities to assist the urgent care team in determining the degree of seriousness and triage care needs.
  • Exposure to a variety of acute medical, surgical, obstetric/gynecologic and pediatric pathology, seen in a typical emergency department setting, with the exception of major trauma. Patient volume may be the determining factor in the diversity of illness seen by the student.
  • Participating in short-term observation and/or prolonged evaluation prior to discharge in the observation unit of the urgent care center.