Didactic Conferences

Grand Rounds, Morning Report and Board-Review Conferences

Grand rounds

Grand rounds occur each week and feature an hour-long presentation by a visiting expert speaking on a particular disease topic or therapeutic intervention.

Examples of speakers and topics presented at grand rounds include:

  • Genomics for the primary care physician
  • Health care-asssociated infections
  • Multiple sclerosis update 2014

Morning report

Morning report takes place four days a week. During the first 10 minutes of morning report an internal medicine medical knowledge self-assessment program question is reviewed and discussed.

Scripps Mercy IM Morning Report 250x166

Following the review, the long-call resident or intern presents on one of their most interesting and challenging admissions to the rest of house staff, as well as the internal medicine residency program director and associate director.

The session is held in an interactive format and house staff and students are split up into teams to try and make the diagnosis based on available history and physical information. There is also discussion of further diagnostic work-up, management and clinic course, as well as key teaching points of the case.

Noon conference

Noon conference is an hour-long didactic session that takes place daily. Lunch is provided at each conference. There are a wide variety of topics covered, including presentations given by faculty, residents, interns and visiting speakers.

Categorical resident presentations

Categorical second and third year residents present hour-long topics of their choice as well as one morbidity and mortality case during their residency. Both categorical and transitional year residents present a half-hour long topic of their choice.

Teaching faculty presentations

Additional presentations are given by teaching faculty, visiting speakers covering a broad array of topics pertinent to the practice of internal medicine practice.

Board review sessions

Board review sessions are held throughout the year and focus on preparing categorical residents for the internal medicine board exam.

The sessions consist of a weekly one-hour didactic session in place of morning report and another session on a different day during which board-style review questions are analyzed and discussed in depth to further enhance learning.

Scripps Mercy Internal Medicine residents have one of the highest internal medicine board pass rates in the country. The review sessions contribute largely to the impressive scores.

Weekly EKG review

Every week an EKG is assigned for residents to work on to hone their skills of EKG analysis and diagnosis. Each week, an electrophysiologist reviews the EKG with house staff and offers insight into the interpretation of the EKG, explains how it guides patient management and determines whether further work-up is required.