Clinical Rotations and Curriculum

Scripps Mercy Podiatric Residency Program Learning Opportunities

Our podiatric residents learn and gain valuable knowledge and experience in their rotations, allowing them to understand the important role each physician plays in the care of the patient while serving a diverse patient population at each teaching location.

Podiatry residents rotate through various other specialty departments where they are treated as equals and given the same responsibilities as members of the team while on a particular service.

Each year has 13 rotations. Each rotation is four weeks long.


  • Scripps Podiatric Medicine and Surgery/Orthopedics — 2 rotations
  • Sharp Rees-Stealy Downtown Podiatry — 1 rotation
  • Podiatry at Kaiser Permanente San Diego — 1 rotation
  • Internal Medicine Wards — 2 rotations
  • Family Medicine at Scripps Mercy Chula Vista Inpatient/OB-GYN — 2 week rotation
  • Emergency Medicine — 1 rotation
  • Pediatric Inpatient/Outpatient at Kaiser Permanente San Diego — 1 rotation
  • Anesthesia/Pathology — 1 rotation
  • Radiology (including two weeks with Dr. Resnick) at UCSD — 1 rotation
  • General & Vascular Surgery — 1 rotation
  • Infectious Disease — 1 rotation
  • Behavioral Health — 2 week rotation


  • Scripps Mercy Podiatry — 3 rotations
  • Scripps Green Podiatry — 4 rotations
  • Podiatry at Kaiser Permanente San Diego — 3 rotations
  • Psychiatry (Behavioral Health) at UCSD — 2 weeks
  • Dermatology at Kaiser Permanente — 2 weeks
  • Wound Care at Kaiser Permanente San Diego — 1 rotation
  • Podiatry at Sharp Rees-Stealy Downtown — 1 rotation

PGY-3 chief resident

In the third year, the chief resident stays in San Diego, continuing his/her training at the following locations:

  • Podiatry at Kaiser Permanente San Diego
  • Podiatry at Scripps Mercy
  • Orthopedic Trauma at Scripps Mercy

Additionally, the chief resident completes two elective rotations.

PGY-3 residents

Two of the third year residents complete their residency training at the following Kaiser Permanente locations in Northern California:

  • Kaiser Permanente Roseville Medical Center — 4 months
  • Kaiser Permanent Sacramento Medical Center — 4 months
  • Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento Hospital — 4 months

Training at these Kaiser facilities includes surgery; inpatient care; clinic outpatient care; and foot and ankle trauma calls.

An additional third year resident will complete his/her residency training at the Kaiser Permanente Fontana and Ontario Medical Centers.

Other activities

In addition to their inpatient, outpatient and surgical training, podiatric medicine residents participate in the following additional activities during their residency:

  • Resident lecture series, held monthly, featuring an outside speaker
  • Core curriculum, held three times a month, the lectures are taught by a member of the podiatric medicine teaching staff
  • Medicine grand rounds held monthly
  • Monthly Journal Club
  • American Board of Podiatric Surgery (ABPS) in-training exam
  • X-ray conference, held weekly, where pre- and post-operative surgical x-rays are reviewed
  • Clinics, held weekly, at Scripps Mercy
  • Research opportunities