Shoulder Surgery

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Advanced care for shoulder pain

Shoulders are the most flexible joints, providing a wide range of motion to throw a ball, swing a golf club, reach for high objects or perform other tasks. However, overuse, arthritis or traumatic injury can limit motion and cause pain.

Because they are so flexible, shoulder joints are also quite complex and can be susceptible to injury. Common conditions include:

Many injuries can be repaired in an outpatient setting using minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques. More severe conditions could require open surgery, possibly including joint replacement.

Improving movement through shoulder surgery

Shoulder joint replacement surgery is usually done when you have severe pain in the shoulder, which severely limits range of motion. These procedures treat arthritis, a broken bone near the shoulder or severely damaged tissue. New techniques, such as reverse shoulder arthroplasty, allow surgeons to repair the most complex injuries.

Regardless of the procedure, rehabilitation is key to a complete recovery. Scripps offers comprehensive physical rehabilitation services at several locations throughout San Diego to ease pain and lead you to a rapid recovery.

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