Podiatry Care at Scripps Clinic

The Doctors of Podiatric Medicine (D.P.M.) at Scripps Clinic in San Diego provide treatment for common conditions affecting the foot and ankle, including:

With specialized training, they also offer the following:

Diabetes foot care
As the obesity epidemic grows in the United States, the number of people with the diabetes is increasing – and so is the need for specialized foot care. The disease can increase the risk of foot problems and complications, such as nerve damage and lower extremity amputations.

Scripps Clinic D.P.M.s have the skills needed to improve function and quality of life for people living with disease. Members of our medical team have subspecialty training in diabetic wound care and limb salvage. By tapping that expertise and collaborating with other specialists to better manage diabetes, they can help their patients reduce the risk of infection and amputation.

Podiatric sports medicine
The podiatrists at Scripps Clinic work to prevent and manage lower extremity sports and fitness injuries. By working closely with physical therapists that have specialized training in sports rehabilitation, they can help active members of the San Diego community stay in the game and on the go.

Senior foot care
Scripps Clinic podiatrists are proficient at caring for the special foot care needs of the senior population – which is growing rapidly as baby boomers age. People are living longer. The health of the legs and feet are critical part of staying active and preventing disease. Scripps Clinic’s D.P.M.s combine their special skills with other specialists’ expertise to keep seniors moving, and enjoying life.

When foot abnormalities fail to improve with conservative treatments, surgical intervention is necessary. Scripps Clinic provides board-certified podiatric surgeons who can intervene when necessary in all aspects of corrective foot surgery. Surgical services are available at Scripps Green Hospital as well as at the Scripps Clinic ambulatory surgery centers at Carmel Valley and Rancho Bernardo.