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    Can Food Heal?

    What you eat could change your health When you get wounded, you might cover it up with a bandage. Or when you have muscle pain, you might take an ibuprofen. But have you ever thought about how the foods you eat could also be included in your care plan to help you heal and prevent disease? According ...

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    Back Pain During Pregnancy: Helpful Tips

    If you’re pregnant, back pain may be making your life miserable. Rather than dismissing the aches and pain as simply part of your pregnancy, you should consult with your doctor or find a physical therapist who can determine the cause of your pain and develop a therapy plan. Many pregnant women ...

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    Cancer Pain: The Right to Relief

    Cancer pain, which is usually caused by either tissue or nerve damage, is experienced by 30 percent to 50 percent of cancer patients undergoing treatment. As high as 90 percent of patients with advanced cancer suffer pain. But for the vast majority of cancer patients, pain can be successfully ...

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    Healing Hearts Program Integrates Mind, Body and Spirit

    In December, the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine held its closing circle ceremony for graduates of its Healing Hearts Program. This was the 35th group that had been through an intensive six months of lifestyle and behavioral changes. The ceremony was incredibly moving and emotional, as ...