Living Kidney Donation: Dr. James Rice Discusses Life-Giving Procedure

Who can become a living kidney donor? Is the surgery risky? Do donors experience any long-term health issues?

Scripps Clinic kidney transplant specialist James Rice, M.D., answered these and other questions during a live in-studio interview with San Diego 6 News.

Dr. Rice was joined on the set by Barbara Neal, whose husband Darrell Neal of Eastlake recently received a kidney from living donor Shannon Martin of Meridian, Idaho. Both procedures were done at Scripps Green Hospital in La Jolla.

Living kidney donors “have normal lives. We’ve followed them for more than 40 years, and there are no complications long term,” Dr. Rice said.

Watch the interview here: Gift of Life — Sept. 4

Watch the San Diego 6 News report on Darrell Neal’s transplant surgery here: Stranger Saves Local Man — Sept. 3

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