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    Scripps Encinitas Program Helps Brain-Injury Patients Regain Living Skills

    Yvette, a 50-year-old stroke patient, entered the Scripps Encinitas Rehabilitation Center’s Brain Injury Day Treatment Program on March 3 in a wheelchair. On July 9, she walked out on her own with a new outlook on life. “Having a devastating experience like a stroke makes me realize how ...

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    Aging and Joint Inflammation

    by Scott Carstens, M.D., Scripps Center for Executive Health Members of the baby boomer generation are beginning to reach their 50s and 60s and seniors are living longer than ever, causing a large influx of older men and women in our society. As their bodies change, there is a need for them to ...

    • Friday, July 30th, 2004
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    A First in San Diego for Scripps Clinic Transplant Surgeons

    Scripps Center for Organ and Cell Transplantation surgeons, Jonathan Fisher, MD, and Randolph Schaffer, MD, performed the first-ever organ procurement in San Diego from a non-heart beating donor last month. Most organs are obtained from cadaveric donors—individuals who have suffered brain ...

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    Scripps Clinic Performs Unique Dual Laparoscopic Procedure

    The skill and teamwork of two physicians at Scripps Clinic, combined with the expertise of the surgical staff at Scripps Green Hospital, recently led to a unique surgery that changed the life of a local woman. The procedure involved both a hysterectomy and a bowel resection to remove a colon ...

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    Uterine Fibroid Embolization: An Alternative to Hysterectomy

    Before a woman decides to undergo a hysterectomy she should carefully explore all of her options. Many of these conditions can be successfully treated with alternative methods and procedures. Less invasive surgeries, pharmacological treatments, and observation have not only shown great promise, but ...

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    Approaches to Menopause: What's Right for You?

    Given all the media attention to the various symptoms and treatments for menopause, you’d almost think it were some sort of disease. The fact is, for most women, menopause is a very natural and normal part of life. It is simply the next step in a long series of hormonal transitions that begin ...

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    Managing Your Medications: What You Need to Know

    How many medications do you take in a typical day? We’re not just talking prescriptions here. Be sure to count aspirin, allergy pills, vitamins and supplements, even herbs. If the number is higher than you thought, you’re not alone. Many adults use at least one prescription medication ...

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    Be Smart about Your Skin and the Sun

    Memorial Day may be weeks away, but we’ve already had plenty of hot, sunny days just right for hitting the beach, golf course or garden. Before you head out to enjoy the sunshine, though, take a few minutes to protect yourself against its most dangerous side effect – skin ...

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    You Don't Have to Live with Sleep Apnea

    My dad snored. So it came as no surprise to me when I found out I was a snorer. It was easy enough to dismiss this with a laugh. I didn’t recognize the possibility that my snoring might be indicative of a problem. I simply considered it to be part of who I was. Like so many of us, I became ...

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    Catheter Ablations Help Hearts Find Their Rhythm

    Twenty-four year old Natalie Nelson had been suffering from a heart arrhythmia for more than a month. Her heart rate would suddenly begin to race out of control and often ended with a trip to the Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas emergency room. Natalie’s rapid heart rate would begin at ...