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  • Patient Stories

    Breast Cancer Survivor Praises Scripps Doctors

    True to her name, Luz Villafana lights up a room with her optimism and bravery. The breast cancer survivor, whose first name is Spanish for “light,” has made it her mission to speak out about the exceptional care at Scripps, praising her personalized treatment. “I am so very, very grateful to my ...

  • Patient Stories

    Scripps Patient Rips Cancer Like So Many Local Waves

    There’s a term to describe what happens to surfers when they’re unable to paddle out beyond the breaking waves. They’re caught inside. Lifelong surfer Andy Hutchison seldom has been caught inside. But he remembers experiencing a similar feeling on dry land. In 2003, the athletic 35-year-old was ...

  • Patient Stories

    As Summer Sizzles, Watch for Signs of Heat-Related Illnesses

    Ever wonder how hot a baseball field can get in the summer? Padres first baseman Yonder Alonso remembers a game in Alabama where the heat from his metal spikes burned through to the skin of his feet. Outfielder Carlos Quentin says he nearly fainted in the batter’s box during a long at bat in Kansas ...

    • Friday, August 3rd, 2012
  • Patient Stories

    Lap Band Surgery Helps Student Lose Nearly Half Her Body Weight

    When Jordan Button was 23 years old, she made a life-altering decision. At 5’8” and 271 pounds, she had struggled for most of her young life to manage her weight—and she had failed. “Overall, I was still in OK health,” says Button, “with no illnesses related to my weight. But I didn’t want to ...

  • Patient Stories

    Avoid Hazards on the Road to Raising Young Athletes

    The road to raising young athletes today often seems filled with hazardous conditions. “There are a lot of myths out there about the best ways to help kids excel in sports,” said Dr. Paul Stricker, a Scripps Clinic sports medicine pediatrician and former U.S. Olympic team physician. According to Dr. ...

  • Patient Stories

    Padres Team Doctor Cracks the Code on Fitness Myths

    To the casual baseball fan, watching a third base coach relay hand signals to a batter can be a confusing sight. For recreational athletes, understanding the best path to personal fitness can sometimes seem equally perplexing. What are some of the more common health and fitness myths circulating ...

  • Patient Stories

    Scripps Helps Keep Cop’s Cancer Under Arrest

    During his 25 years on the force, San Diego Police Officer Christopher Smith has come face to face with criminals of all sorts. The strong and steady demeanor Smith forged in the line of duty has also served him well in his battle with cancer. In 2004, Smith was diagnosed with colon cancer and had ...

  • Patient Stories

    Cancer Screenings Helped Save Loretta’s Skin

    Like many Southern California teenagers in the late 1980s, Mark Loretta enjoyed bodysurfing, playing sports and basking in the sun. “Back then, getting a sunburn was no big deal,” he said. “Just another part of summer.” Fast forward to the summer of 2004, when Loretta — ...

  • Patient Stories

    Cancer Journey Helps Scripps Provider Raise Game

    Bruce Buttermore is no stranger to cancer. As a longtime manager of radiation therapy for Scripps Health, Buttermore has helped provide compassionate care to thousands of cancer patients over the years. But in July 2010, life took an unexpected turn for Buttermore when the care provider suddenly ...

  • Patient Stories

    Is It Your Stomach—Or Your Heart?

    Calista Davis thought she had indigestion. A dynamic human resources professional who works for the San Diego County YMCA, Davis is naturally high-energy and loves travel, exploring and hiking. In early 2011, walking the hills of San Francisco with a physician friend, she found herself breathless ...

    • Wednesday, February 29th, 2012