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    September is Scouting Report Time for Prostate Cancer

    Steve Garvey sparked the Padres to their first World Series with his walk-off homer in game 4 of the 1984 National League Championship Series. He made headlines of a different sort recently when he placed his personal baseball memorabilia up for auction to raise funds for prostate cancer ...

    • Wednesday, September 4th, 2013
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    Shoulder Replacement Puts Goalie Back in the Game

    Ice hockey requires quick reflexes. Especially for a goaltender trying to defend his net. Veteran goalie Kevin Barnard is living proof. During a recent pickup game, he instinctively swatted away a puck travelling 80 miles per hour toward his goal, launched from close range. The fact that Barnard, ...

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    Scripps Goes Inside the Padres Training Room

    As the Padres’ head athletic trainer, Todd Hutcheson’s job is to keep players in top condition to compete. He offers an inside glimpse into his special role with the team. Q: What does a head athletic trainer do? A: “I head the team’s sports medicine department, which includes assistant trainer Paul ...

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    Scripps and Komen Take Unique Approach to Bridge Health Gap

    Browse the aisles inside Northgate Market in Chula Vista and you’ll have no problem filling your grocery list. But for some shoppers, the most useful part of their trip is located just outside the store’s front doors. That’s where Raquel Sandoval sets up shop once a month. ...

    • Monday, July 8th, 2013
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    How Do Padres Keep Fit for the Long Haul?

    At 162 games, Major League Baseball has the longest regular season in pro sports. How do Padres players stay strong for the long haul? Chris Denorfia (outfield): “I’ve started to get into an anti-inflammatory diet, which focuses on things that are better for your body. More fish and ...

    • Thursday, June 20th, 2013
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    Scripps Gives Hope for Heart Failure Patients

    Kjarla “KJ” Foster is no stranger to heart failure. Not only has it has taken the lives of her father, sister and two brothers, but last fall it came dangerously close to taking her life, too. The 57-year-old Oceanside resident was busy living a full and active life with her husband, George. But all ...

    • Monday, June 10th, 2013
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    Scripps Helps Local DJ Press ‘Play’ Again on a Musical Life

    Music rings through every chapter of Scott Butler’s life story. He performed in a youth choir and later played trombone in high school. During college, he sang lead vocals in a rock band. And for more than a decade, he’s run a successful local DJ business. But the music suddenly went silent for ...

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    After Beating Cancer, Scripps Patient Passes ‘Toughest Test’

    Last spring, Sven Jensen got the news nobody wants to receive. Doctors diagnosed a fast-growing malignant tumor at the base of his tongue, which had spread to his neck. Jensen underwent three major surgeries, six rounds of chemotherapy and 35 radiation treatments – all within two months. But when ...

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    Hoops, Hardball and Health

    The NCAA basketball season has just ended, but San Diego State head coach Steve Fisher will still keep track of important scores. His health scores. “When it comes to your health, the best offense is a good defense,” said Fisher, who has guided the Aztecs to seven Mountain West ...

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    Scripps Patient Rips Cancer Like So Many Local Waves

    There’s a term to describe what happens to surfers when they’re unable to paddle out beyond the breaking waves. They’re caught inside. Lifelong surfer Andy Hutchison seldom has been caught inside. But he remembers experiencing a similar feeling on dry land. In 2003, the athletic 35-year-old was ...