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    Single-Site Gallbladder Surgery Means Fewer Scars, Faster Recovery

    More than 1 million Americans undergo gallbladder surgery every year. Yet relatively few people even really understand what the gallbladder does—or why it would need to be removed. Recently, a new robotic operating platform for removing the gallbladder has enabled surgeons to use a single incision ...

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    Scripps Helps Keep Cop’s Cancer Under Arrest

    During his 25 years on the force, San Diego Police Officer Christopher Smith has come face to face with criminals of all sorts. The strong and steady demeanor Smith forged in the line of duty has also served him well in his battle with cancer. In 2004, Smith was diagnosed with colon cancer and had ...

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    No Incision Necessary for New GERD Surgery

    By Mark Sherman, MD, and Cheryl Olson, MD, Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla Some people say it feels like a hot pressure in the chest, or a fire that starts behind the breastbone and spreads upward. Others experience an acidic taste, like food coming back up the throat and into the mouth. But ...

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    Heat and Chemotherapy Offer New Treatment for Abdominal Cancer

    By Mark Sherman, M.D., & Cheryl Olson, M.D., Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla Two of cancer’s biggest foes-heat and chemotherapy-have joined forces to create a powerful weapon in the battle against abdominal cancer, a life-threatening form of cancer long considered virtually untreatable ...

    • Thursday, March 22nd, 2007