Proton Therapy for Lung Cancer

Radiation therapy for cancer in the lung and chest can be particularly challenging due to their close proximity to the heart, spinal cord and esophagus, as well as the need to deliver high doses to the tumor.

The most advanced facility of its kind in Southern California, Scripps Proton Therapy Center uses precision radiation to help overcome these challenges. Protons deposit their highest doses directly in tumors, reducing exposure to healthy tissue. This is particularly beneficial for patients with compromised lung function or cardiovascular disease. In addition, some lung cancer patients can receive higher therapeutic doses with fewer side effects and a reduced chance of secondary cancers from radiation later in life.

Learn more about proton therapy as a treatment for lung cancer.

Is Proton Therapy an Option?

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If you are someone you love has been diagnosed with lung cancer, learn more about proton therapy and find out if it is a treatment option.

Proton Therapy Expertise

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The clinical and scientific teams have more than 90 years of combined experience treating patients with proton therapy. Learn more about the experts at the center.

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From diagnosis and treatment to navigation and support, Scripps offers comprehensive cancer care. Learn how proton therapy further complements these services.