FAQs About Executive Health at Scripps

Is the WholePerson Examination only for executives?

No, The WholePerson Examination is for anyone who wants the best in early disease detection and prevention, delivered with care and streamlined efficiency, in one day and one place.

What’s the difference between seeing you and my own physician?

There are three key differences between Scripps Center for Executive Health and seeing your primary care physician. The first difference is detail. We supplement your physician’s services with comprehensive disease detection screenings, lifestyle evaluation and education, and a blueprint for long-term health maintenance. Second, your time and convenience. The variety of tests that we do in one day can save you time and prevent you from having to traveling to multiple facilities over a period of weeks. Third, you have plenty of quality one-on-one time with each physician on your examination team to ask questions, discuss your results and fully understand your health.

Do I need a referral from my doctor?

No, referrals are not required.

Why should I choose the Scripps Center for Executive Health for this kind of exam?

Our WholePerson Examination is the most comprehensive examination of its kind in the West. It’s been our sole focus since the Scripps Center for Executive Health began in 1981. You’ll be provided with the current and predicted state of your health, and a specific strategy for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, all from a focused team of world-class Scripps physicians and health care experts. You’ll also receive immediate access to the superior diagnostic services and quality care that have made Scripps one of the world’s most trusted names in health care for more than 80 years.

Why not just perform a full body scan?

There is no single screening tool that can do the whole job of early disease detection. The scans with recognized value are the CT scans for coronary artery scoring, low-dose lung screening and bone densitometry. These tests can detect problems at their earliest onset. Our WholePerson exam can include these scans, but it’s based upon a much more far-reaching combination of proven screening technologies coupled with diagnoses by the appropriate specialists and their peers.

Is your exam the same for women as for men?

Yes, except for tests applying only to women. Our program is equally aggressive for both men and women in its search for hidden problems. For example, heart disease detection and prevention is still being neglected for women in general exams, but not here. The same is true for cancer surveillance. In addition, we address the mind/body issues that can often affect health.

What happens during the exam?

In the morning, you’ll be examined and tested by our multidisciplinary team of Scripps specialists. After lunch you’ll have individualized lifestyle consultations with our specialists in clinical psychology, exercise physiology, mind/body therapies and nutrition. Your day will be completed with a luxurious massage to help your fully relax.

How long will it take?

In most cases your exam will only take one day. Sometimes an exam will take a day and a half depending on the testing deemed appropriate for your unique risk factors.

How soon will I get the results?

You’ll know some results before you leave, and all results and recommendations within 48 hours. Soon thereafter you’ll receive a detailed written report.

What happens if you find something?

Your lead Scripps Center for Executive Health physician will let you know promptly and will discuss the recommended follow-up care with you. If you wish, we can refer you to recommended specialists within Scripps.

How much does it cost?

Cost depends on your age, gender, history and unique risk factors. Our information packet provides the standard pricing, and when we know your unique requirements we’ll give you a final quote in advance. Follow-up exams are normally one-third less than your initial visit.

Will my insurance cover me?

We offer the WholePerson Examination on a self-pay basis. Your insurance may reimburse you for a portion of your charges. Although we’re not affiliated with any managed care plan or with Medicare, we will give you the documentation that you can submit to your insurance provider.

How often should I come back?

We recommend that you return for a follow up appointment once a year after your first visit. Your follow-up visits repeat only the tests needed for your age, gender, risk factors and results from your previous exam, and they usually take only half a day.