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    What Causes Diaper Rash?

    Diaper rash is not a failure of parenting; it’s just a fact of life. As hard as you work to prevent it, babies will sometimes get a little irritation. However, by understanding its causes, you can do more to prevent it and mitigate the effects when it does happen. Diaper rash has many potential ...

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    How Can I Prevent Varicose and Spider Veins?

    by Edward Ross, MD Varicose veins are large twisted blood vessels that are visible above the skin and generally form on the legs. Spider veins are similar to varicose veins but smaller and can look like spider webs. These conditions are often caused by malfunctioning valves, which cause blood to ...

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    What is the Difference Between a Colonoscopy and a Sigmoidoscopy?

    A Scripps Health physician discusses colon cancer screening methods, the differences between them, age at which screenings should begin and other useful tests.

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    Top 5 Wellness Stories of 2012

    Did you miss one? The start of the New Year is a great time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished and what more you can do to live a healthier, happier and more well-balanced life. This past year, we covered nearly fifty topics, from how to erase sun damage to how to keep your mind sharp through ...

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    Feeling Sick? When to Stay Home

    Three questions to help you decide Uh-oh. You woke up and something’s off. Your throat is sore and you’ve got a rattling cough. Or maybe gastrointestinal symptoms, like nausea or diarrhea. You’re feeling distinctly under the weather. But there’s work to do, or classes to attend, or errands to be ...

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    Top 5 Hikes in San Diego

    If your workout routine has hit a plateau or you’re simply looking for an inexpensive way to stay fit while having fun, consider hiking as your gym pass to the great outdoors.

    • Tuesday, December 11th, 2012
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    Should You Exercise When You’re Sick?

    Ready to hit the gym but feel a cold or the sniffles coming on? Before you decide to skip your workout completely, you might want to think again. In some cases, light exercise, in combination with rest and good nutrition, can actually help you feel better, faster. “Moderate exercise helps to ...

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    Keeping Your Mind Sharp with Exercise

    The next time you slip into your running shoes, grab your tennis racket or hit the basketball court, you could be working out more than just your body. New research suggests that regular physical activity could also be protecting your brain from declining with age. In a recent study published in the ...

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    Eat Well and Spend Less

    Southern Californians are fortunate. In addition to year-round sunshine, there is also a year-round growing season. Farmers markets and CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture) programs make bundles of fresh, locally grown, organic produce readily available, usually for a fraction of the cost of ...

    • Wednesday, November 14th, 2012
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    The 6 Germiest Places at the Office

    Find out which surfaces are the most common hot spots for germs and how to protect your health Thinking about grabbing a snack from the vending machine at the office? Or reheating last night’s leftovers for lunch in the breakroom? You might want to wash your hands after you touch surfaces in ...

    • Tuesday, September 11th, 2012