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    Looking for a Plastic Surgeon?

    So you’re thinking about having your nose done. Or maybe you’ve always wished your lips were a little fuller. Before you go looking for a plastic surgeon to do the job, look inside yourself. Why do you want this procedure? If you want to look like you, only better, that’s great. ...

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    Mercy Outreach Surgical Team Treats 293 Children

    The Mercy Surgical Outreach Team (MOST) recently returned from Tehuacan, Puebla, Mexico, where members performed 293 procedures to repair cleft palates, cleft lips and strabismus or crossed-eyes. “Correcting the deformities of these children boosts their self-esteem, " says Thomas ...

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    Scripps Mercy Outreach Surgical Team Provides Nearly 300 Procedures to Children in Mexico

    The Mercy Outreach Surgical Team (MOST) recently provided more than 300 reconstructive surgeries and procedures for 215 patients in the city of Tula, Mexico.A team of nearly 45 physicians, nurses, recovery team members, translators and Rotarians provided a range of procedures, from a simple repair ...