Robotically Assisted Heart and Lung Surgery

Minimally Invasive Options for Cardiothoracic Surgery

The Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery Program at Scripps Health offers treatment options for numerous cardiothoracic conditions using robotically assisted cardiothoracic surgery.

The Scripps Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery Program offers the following robotic heart and lung surgery procedures for diseases and conditions affecting the heart and lungs:

  • Robotically assisted atrial septal defect repair
    An atrial septal defect (ASD) is a congenital defect that is a hole between the upper two chambers of the heart. With assistance from a surgical robot, specially trained surgeons at Scripps perform ASD repair through small incisions instead of open heart surgery.
  • Robotically assisted cardiac tumor removal
    Cardiac tumors are rare, but they can occur in any region of the heart. These tumors can be benign (noncancerous) or malignant (cancerous). Even tumors that are benign can be life threatening because of their location in such a vital part of the body and need to be removed surgically.
  • Robotically assisted coronary revascularization
    Coronary revascularization (also known as cardiac revascularization or coronary artery bypass grafting) is the most commonly performed open-heart surgery in the United States. Cardiothoracic surgeons perform this procedure to reroute blood flow around blockages of the coronary arteries.
  • Robotically assisted lobectomy
    Your lungs are comprised of five lobes, two in the left lung and three in the right. Lobectomy is currently the most common surgery used to treat lung cancer. In this procedure, the lobe of the lung that has been affected by the non-small-cell lung cancer is removed, along with lymph nodes from other areas of the chest where cancer cells have been found.
  • Robotically assisted mediastinal tumor removal
    Mediastinal tumor removal (resection) involves the surgical removal of tumors that are located in the mediastinum, the part of the chest cavity that separates the lungs.
  • Robotically assisted mitral valve repair
    Mitral valve surgery is used to repair or replace the valve that opens so blood can flow from the left upper chamber of the heart (atria) to the left lower chamber of the heart (ventricle).
  • Robotically assisted thymus gland removal (thymectomy)
    The thymus gland is part of the immune system and is located in the chest near the heart. The thymus gland is removed when it has tumors or as a treatment option for myasthenia gravis.