Kidney Transplant

Treating Kidney Disease Through Transplantation

Since 1994, Scripps Organ Transplantation Program has been helping patients with end-stage kidney disease through our kidney transplant program. Today, our kidney transplant program continues to have success rates that match or exceed the national average.

Expert care for kidney transplants

Our team of experts is there to help you though every step of the kidney transplantation process. Our multidisciplinary team of kidney transplant specialists includes nephrologists, transplant coordinators, financial coordinators, social workers, transplant dietitians and immunologists.

In addition, Scripps offers a living donor program to help kidney transplant patients find a donor kidney faster. Scripps was the first in San Diego to perform a three-paired kidney exchange between six people, and recently participated in the first international kidney exchange.

Why Choose Scripps

Living Kidney Donation

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Learn more about giving the gift of life through our living kidney donor program.