Team Experience

Scripps medical response team testimonials

Members of the Scripps medical response team share about their relief work efforts serving Hurricane Katrina victims in Houston, Texas.

Dr. Jennifer Steeper, ER, Scripps Mercy Hospital

“I was able to help a patient with her wound, and she was able to help me with her fortitude. She was extremely anxious and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, yet has a determination to survive and recover that is inspiring…. She was tearful when talking about her daughter, unsure of where she’d live, and was concerned that she’d end up homeless and jobless. Yet despite all that, she was grateful to me for listening and dressing her wound. I have made only a small contribution toward helping her with these overwhelming problems, yet she is able to express sincere gratitude.”

Dr. Amy Wittman, Pediatrician,Scripps Clinic

“When I left San Diego, all I heard about was the hostility when the media and others talked about who was to blame for this tragedy, but here, it is different – here it is all about humility and humanity.”

Clela Patterson, RN, Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas

“I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. When the opportunity came up to help, I jumped at the chance. It was an experience I’ll never forget.”

Dr. Brent Eastman, Scripps Chief Medical Officer/Trauma Surgeon

“As a surgeon, I have an even greater respect for my primary care, internal medicine, pediatric and emergency department colleagues. It was impressive to observe their ability to deal efficiently with such a wide variety of medical problems, and a patient population. that had suffered such loss and devastation. Equally impressive for me was the way the nurses, physician assistants and nurse practitioners dealt with every problem with competence and compassion. Too numerous to count or recount were the scenes of these true professionals caring for an ill and often grieving or depressed person – men, women and children.”

Deb McQuillen, RN, Director of Cardiac and Critical Care Services, Scripps Mercy Hospital

“A dozen nurses (RNs and LVNs), most of whom had never met each other, much less worked together, quickly and efficiently organized ourselves into a cohesive, cooperative team. … We gave every survivor who came to us the help they needed in the kindest way each of us knew how. And they gave each one of us so much more.”

Regina Long, RN, Scripps Green Hospital

Overall the experience I had was great! The people I met, both survivors & volunteers, were wonderful. When I made the trip home after one week, it was hard to leave. I wished I could’ve stayed longer, to do more. Since I’ve been back, I’ve been able to do volunteer work with the MRC & the American Red Cross and a Family Assistance Center for Katrina Survivors here in San Diego. Again, I would like to thank Scripps for making the trip to Houston possible. I think we made a great team!