Waiting Pool Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will I have to wait before there is an opening for my child?

The waiting pool is quite lengthy. Over 350 children are in the waiting pool. Gluck Child Care Center has a licensed capacity of 126 children. Unfortunately we cannot predict when an opening becomes available. Please refer to our waiting pool policies and procedures for more details. At times we have had parents on the waiting list longer than three years for an opening. Most openings occur during the summer and fall months and in the Toddler program(ages 2-3). We seldom enroll children in our Preschool or older infant program from the waiting pool as it is usually filled with children moving up to those classrooms.

2. Can I stop in anytime to view the center and to see where my child’s application is in the waiting pool?

Our main priority is to provide a safe and secure environment for the children. It is best to e-mail the center with any questions that you may have to gluck@scrippshealth.org as it is an interruption to the daily operation of the center when parents just stop in. E-mailed questions will be answered within 1-3 business days.

3. Will I get in faster if I take a part time opening even though I need full time?

This is very possible. A majority of the parents need Monday through Friday and cannot take a part time opening. If they answered no to the question “if full-time care is desired, would you consider a part-time slot if it became available before full-time” and a Tuesday, Thursday opening becomes available their application will be skipped. If you can take a part time opening and wait for the other days to become available this increases your chance of enrolling at Gluck Child Care Center.

4. If I filled out an application over a year and a half ago when my child was six months and now they are two years old do I go to the bottom of the waiting pool or do I need to fill out a new application to be considered for the toddler classroom?

No, to both questions. Your application will be automatically added to the Toddler waiting pool by your original date of application.

5. How did someone who filled out an application after I did get an opening before me?

There are many different reasons as to why this has occurred but the most common are:

  • Your preferred starting date is after theirs.
  • The opening is in a different age group.
  • You are only looking for full time and the opening was for part time.

6. What should I do if I need to change any information on my child’s application (i.e. phone number, address, start date, days needed, etc.)?

Please send us an e-mail with your child’s name, birth date, work affiliation and any changes that you would like to make on your application to gluck@scrippshealth.org.

7. Can you recommend any other center or child care provider to me while I am waiting for an opening?

We do not make any recommendations; however, you can call “YMCA Child Care Referral”: 800-481-2151 at 800-481-2151 for information regarding other Centers.

8. Another parent told me…

Helpful friends, co-workers and acquaintances sometimes inadvertently provide misinformation. To get accurate answers to your questions about Gluck Child Care Center email your questions to gluck@scrippshealth.org. Emailed questions will be answered within 1-3 business days.