Waiting Pool

Waiting Pool Policies and Procedures

Often there are many more families that would like to enroll in The Maxwell H. and Muriel Gluck Child Care Center (a non-profit corporation) than we can accommodate. We must maintain a “Waiting Pool.” When a space becomes available in our facility, the Waiting Pool is utilized to determine who will be offered the available opening.

This process can be quite complicated. The Waiting Pool is carefully maintained to include those who are actively seeking placement in the Center. Therefore, it is important that all concerned know and understand the Waiting Pool Policies and Procedures.

1. Enrollment is based on availability. Families who are currently enrolled are asked to provide a two week written notice when they leave the Center. If the openings cannot be filled with a child who is currently enrolled, the Waiting Pool is utilized.

2. Priority in the Waiting Pool is currently given in this order:

  • Employees of the Center
  • Siblings of Scripps Health children currently enrolled in the Center
  • Siblings of TSRI children currently enrolled in the Center
  • Scripps Health employees
  • The Scripps Research Institute employees
  • Siblings of community children currently enrolled in the Center
  • Community members not affiliated with either Scripps Health or TSRI

3. Prediction of openings: Although it may be frustrating, it is impossible to predict when or if your child will be able enroll in the Center. This is due to many factors.

These factors include:

  • Current openings in the Center (Full time or Part time)
  • Professional affiliation and date of application
  • Developmental level of the children enrolled and on the waiting pool
  • Current Age of your child (infant care is most sought)
  • Ages and genders of other children in the class your child would enter. An effort is made to spread out ages within the stated range. The older groups are also enrolled by balancing boys vs. girls
  • Status of families ahead of you in the Waiting Pool who may have already found alternative childcare and have not removed their names from the Pool

4. Contacting Families: We make every reasonable effort to contact families in the Waiting Pool when a space becomes available, via email. If there is no response within 24 hours of our attempted notification, the next eligible family will be contacted. Therefore, application information must be kept current (i.e. phone number, email address, etc.) so we may contact you on a timely basis.

If your family chooses not to accept an opening, your application will move to the bottom of the Waiting Pool or you may request that your name be removed. You will be offered an opening approximately one month out. You can accept that start date or pass up the placement.

5. Application: The Gluck Child Care Center will only discuss your application with the sponsor names provided. Please, do not have someone else call regarding your application. It is not necessary to mention the names of co-workers, employees or friends who work at Scripps Health or TSRI. It does not affect the status of your application.

When an opening arises and you are contacted, we will tour you in the designated classroom so you can meet the teachers and get to know the program better before enrolling. Remember, we will call you when an opening comes available for your family. Until then, please make alternate arrangements.

An unannounced visit made by the Waiting Pool applicants disrupts the day to-day operations of the Center. It is more effective to e-mail with questions at gluck@scrippshealth.org but please remember it is impossible to predict when an opening will become available as stated above.

**These policies and procedures have been approved by the Scripps Health and they retain the right to change them without notice.