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2015 Scripps Health Annual Report: Embracing Change


2015 Scripps Health Annual Report: Embracing Change

At Scripps Health — and throughout all of health care — we are being called upon to build a health care delivery system for a new era. It can be challenging and, at the same time, very exciting work. Fortunately, those at Scripps have rallied to the call and are finding ways to not only accept change, but embrace it. Today we are changing to better meet our patients’ needs, reduce our costs, improve access in our community and simply bring more value to the patients we serve.

“In this annual report for 2015, you will read a lot about change. Medical breakthroughs, advanced equipment, more effective medications, new treatments; these types of change are constant in health care. But change today goes much further. We are also partnering with our patients and empowering them to monitor their own health through digital advancements. Our physicians and clinical staff are engaging and treating patients in new ways. We are expanding where and when Scripps is available to meet everyone’s unique health care needs. And we are focusing not only on getting you well when you’re sick or injured, but also on keeping you well and healthy.”

Chris Van Gorder

President and CEO

From 2015 Scripps Health Annual Report