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  • Poison

    Jack-in-the-pulpit poisoning

    A Jack-in-the-pulpit is a plant belonging to the species Arisaema triphyllum. This article describes poisoning caused by eating parts of this plant. The...

  • Disease


    Jaundice is a condition produced when excess amounts of bilirubin circulating in the blood stream dissolve in the subcutaneous fat (the layer of fat just beneath the skin), causing a yellowish appearance of the skin and the whites of the eyes. With the exception of normal newborn jaundice in the first week of life, all other jaundice indicates overload or damage to the liver, or inability to move bilirubin from the liver through the biliary tract to the gut.

    Jaundice is a yellow color of the skin, mucus membranes, or eyes. The yellow coloring comes from bilirubin, a byproduct of old red blood cells. Jaundice can...

  • Special Topic

    Jaundice causes

    Jaundice is a yellow color in the skin, mucus membranes, or eyes. The yellow color comes from bilirubin, a byproduct of old red blood cells. Jaundice is a...

  • Injury

    Jaw - broken or dislocated

    The most common cause of broken or dislocated jaw is accident or trauma involving a blow to the face. This may be the result of a motor vehicle accident, industrial accident, recreational/sports injury, or other accident. It may also result from assault.  The goal of treatment is proper alignment of the jaw bone so the upper and lower teeth come together normally.  Surgery is often required for moderate to severe fractures to align and immobilize the bone so it can heal.

    A broken jaw is a break (fracture) in the jaw bone. A dislocated jaw means the lower part of the jaw has moved out of its normal position at one or both...

  • Self-Care Instructions

    Jejunostomy feeding tube

    Feeding – jejunostomy tube; G-J tube; J-tube; Jejunum tube

  • Poison

    Jellyfish stings

    Jellyfish are sea creatures. They have nearly see-through bodies with long, finger-like structures called tentacles. Stinging cells inside the tentacles can...

  • Poison

    Jerusalem cherry poisoning

    The Jerusalem cherry is a plant that belongs to the same family as the black nightshade. It has small, round, red and orange fruit. Jerusalem cherry...

  • Special Topic

    Jet lag prevention

    Jet lag is a combination of symptoms experienced after flying in an airplane, especially on long trips.  Fatigue, irritability, dehydration, and a broken sleep pattern are common symptoms of jet lag.

    Jet lag is a temporary sleep disorder. It occurs when your body’s biological clock is not in sync with the local time zone you are in. The more time zones...

  • Self-Care Instructions

    Jet lag prevention

    Jet lag is a sleep disorder caused by traveling across different time zones. Jet lag occurs when your body’s biological clock is not set with the time zone...

  • Poison

    Jewelry cleaners

    This article discusses the harmful effects that can occur from swallowing jewelry cleaner or breathing in its fumes. This article is for information only. Do...