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Investigational device for patients with chronic heart failure

Trial ID:
Thomas Heywood, M.D.
This study will evaluate the effectiveness of an investigational device for measuring changes in the signs and symptoms heart failure.

Inclusion Criteria

Patients must:
  • Have been diagnosed with heart failure
  • Be able to give informed consent
  • Meet all other eligibility requirements

Exclusion Criteria

Patients must not:
  • Have a pacemaker or other implanted cardiac device
  • Have other medical conditions that would interfere with study participation
  • Be pregnant or breastfeeding

Additional Info

  • This study is observational only. There will be no changes to the usual treatment that is given for patients with chronic heart failure.
  • The investigational device, ImpediMeds SOZO, is a non-invasive fluid monitoring device designed to allow patients with heart failure to monitor their symptoms at home. Participation in the study will require clinic visits 3 days a week (Mon., Wed., and Fri.) for 4 weeks.

Contact Info:

  • Heather Catchpole
  • 858-824-4248