Living with Cancer Related Pain?

Trial ID:
Toluwalase Ayodele Ajayi, MD
The Scripps Translational Science Institute is conducting a study to determine if the use of a novel Wearable Intensive Nerve Stimulation (WINS) device, called Quell and its<br>associated mobile application can help treat cancer related pain. Better treatment of pain could mean not having to take as many pain medications. Requires 6 study visits at Scripps Mercy Cancer Center

Inclusion Criteria

  • Be male or female 18 years or older at visit one.
  • Have a documented diagnosis of metastatic breast, prostate, stage 3 or 4 head and neck cancers, or colorectal cancer with a prognosis of 6 month or greater as determined by the primary oncologist.
  • Own a smart phone and able to use basic mobile applications such as downloading an app, opening the app, and performing one simple task within the app.
  • Speak and read English fluently.
  • Be able to understand and grant informed consent.
  • Live in an area with cellular data connectivity available
  • Comply with clinic follow up visits
  • Be using at least one opioid medication on a daily basis.

Exclusion Criteria

  • Have a cardiac pacemaker, implanted defibrillator or other implanted electronic device.
  • Be unable to complete subjective data as required; e.g. on mobile application and questionnaires.
  • Live outside of an area with suitable cellular data connectivity.
  • Have infrequent scheduled clinic visits.

Contact Info:

  • Toluwalase Ajayi, MD
  • 858-699-2568