NuvaMap surgical planning software for Spine Surgery

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Gregory M. Mundis, MD
Standing straight with good balance is an important part of pain-free day-to-day living. When a person is unable to stand up straight (due to a spinal deformity, for example), this can lead to a lack of balance and significant pain and disability. Sometimes spine surgery does not fix this imbalance and can even make it worse, leading to more pain and maybe even more surgery for the patient. Software planning tools used by a surgeon before and during surgery may help to make sure spinal alignment is in balance after surgery by using a combination of procedures, techniques and implants. The goal of this study is to evaluate if the NuvaMap software program improves outcomes for patients after spinal surgery.

Inclusion Criteria

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be planning to have thoracolumbar spine fusion surgery
  • Be able to undergo surgery based on physical exam, medical history and surgeon judgment

Exclusion Criteria

  • Have a mental or physical condition that would limit the ability to comply with study requirements
  • Be in another clinical study that would interfere with this study

Additional Info

  • The NuvaMap™ Software program is currently approved for marketing by the FDA. The software program will be used to measure outcomes only and will not change the course of care.
  • All charges related to treating and evaluating the spinal condition and the surgery performed will be billed to the patient or their insurance company, just as they would be if they were not in this study.
  • If eligible, patients will be paid to be in the study.

Contact Info:

  • Shannon Cyhan