Single-Site Robotic Surgery: What You Need to Know

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If you are considering hysterectomy or gallbladder removal surgery, join gynecologic surgeon, Anupam Garg, MD, and general surgeon, Bret Langenberg, DO, to learn about a new surgical technique.

Scripps minimally invasive robotic surgery program now offers single-site surgery for both procedures.

Single-site surgery is performed with a single incision, and removal is performed through the belly button. Compared to open surgical techniques, or traditional minimally invasive robotic surgery (which requires four to five incisions), single-site surgery may result in beneficial outcomes including:

  • Faster recovery times
  • Shorter hospital stays
  • Reduced blood loss
  • Less pain and scarring

The lecture is free.

Scripps Mercy Hospital
West Auditorium
4077 Fifth Avenue
La Jolla, CA 92103
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Thu, Nov 13th, 2014 - Thu, Nov 13th, 2014 6 pm - 7:30 pm Free