Agenda The 2017 San Diego Day of Trauma

Friday, November 3, 2017

7 a.m.                  

Registration, Continental Breakfast & View Exhibits

7:30 a.m.           

Welcome & Educational Overview

Michael J. Sise, MD, FACS

Session I

Moderator: Vishal Bansal, MD, FACS

7:45 a.m.            

B-Con - Zero Preventable Deaths: The Crucial First Minutes after Injury

David A. Spain, MD, FACS

8 a.m.                  

The Role of First Responders: Tourniquet Application and Pressure Dressings

Kenji Inaba, MD, FRCSC, FACS

8:15 a.m.            

The Ride to the Trauma Center: Speed and Decisive Action

Alison Wilson, MD, FACS

8:30 a.m.            

The “A” Game in the Trauma Bay: Prompt Recognition and Control of Bleeding Sites

Ali Salim, MD, FACS

8:45 a.m.            

Panel Discussion/Q&A

9:15 a.m.            

Break & View Exhibits

Session II

Moderator: John T. Steele, MD, FACS

9:45 a.m.            


OR Resuscitation Is Essential In the Successful Management of Hemorrhagic Shock

PRO: Todd W. Costantini, MD, FACS

CON: Vishal Bansal, MD, FACS

Session III

Moderator: Kimberly A. Peck, MD, FACS

10:15 a.m.          

Imaging the Patient in Hemorrhagic Shock: Balancing Risk and Benefit

Walter L. Biffl, MD, FACS

10:30 a.m.          

Damage Control Resuscitation: When and How To Pull the Trigger

Carlos V.R. Brown, MD, FACS

10:45 a.m.          

The 7-French REBOA Catheter Is a Game-Changer in Torso Bleeding Control

Kenji Inaba, MD, FRCSC, FACS

11 a.m.               

The Bleeding Child: The Priorities That Save Lives

Romeo Ignacio, MD, FACS

11:15 a.m.          

Panel Discussion/Q&A

Session IV

Moderator: Mary L. Hilfiker, MD, PhD, FACS

11:45 a.m.          


Every Trauma Surgeon Should Be Able To Perform Vascular Repairs

PRO: Carlos V.R. Brown, MD, FACS

CON: David A. Spain, MD, FACS

12:15 p.m.          

Lunch Service

12:45 p.m.         

Lunch Presentation

Field Hemorrhage Control

This session will be taught by Navy combat medics with field experience

Session V

Moderator: Michael J. Sise, MD, FACS

1:45 p.m.            

Case Management

2:45 p.m.            

Break & View Exhibits

Session VI

Moderator: Todd W. Costantini, MD, FACS

3 p.m.                  

Bleeding You Can Hear: Controlling Thoracic Hemorrhage

Alison Wilson, MD, FACS

3:15 p.m.            

Big Red and Big Blue: Control of Major Abdominal Hemorrhage

Michael J. Sise, MD, FACS

3:30 p.m.            

Bleeding In the Pelvis: What Are Our Options for Rapid Hemorrhage Control?

Walter L. Biffl, MD, FACS

3:45 p.m.            

Extreme Extremity Trauma: The Insidious Hemorrhage That Can Kill

Vishal Bansal, MD, FACS

4 p.m.                  

Panel Discussion/Q&A

Session VII

Moderator: Walter L. Biffl, MD, FACS

4:30 p.m.            


“Stay and Play” at the Scene of Trauma: The European and British EMS Teams Are Right!

PRO: Ali Salim, MD, FACS

CON: Kenji Inaba, MD, FRCSC, FACS

5 p.m.                  

Course Summary

Michael J. Sise, MD, FACS