Managing Your Osteoarthritis

Interactive program for patients and family members

 Attendees will learn how osteoarthritis is diagnosed and managed

Interactive program for patients and family members

The osteoarthritis shared medical appointment (SMA) is a group visit with rheumatologist Howard Kaye, MD, and his support staff. The session is for patients with a documented history of osteoarthritis and by referral only. The appointment will be billed to insurance as a specialist office visit or at a discounted rate for cash-pay patients.

The appointment will include an individualized brief exam, followed by a 90-minute group interactive program focused on osteoarthritis definitions and science, the latest in evidence-based treatment and how to get the most out of an SMA visit.

The SMA provides patients personal access to Dr. Kaye and the staff as well as an opportunity to connect with other osteoarthritis patients to share their experience.

Event details

Scripps Coastal Medical Center, Vista
Third Floor, Room CCR-1
130 Cedar Road
Vista, CA 92083
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Date and time
Wed, Nov 20, 2019

12:30 pm - 2 pm