Clinical Rotations and Curriculum

Family Medicine Residency core curriculum


Family Medicine Residency core curriculum

The Scripps Family Medicine Residency Program trains physicians who have the desire to increase access to quality health care for the medically underserved communities along the California-Baja border. The residency program includes clinical activities at a community site and with community service agencies.

Our residency voyage begins with a community medicine rotation, during which all our new interns spend a month together. Our emphasis in community medicine starts with this 4-week rotation combining conferences, community site visits, and a hands-on introduction to the Community Oriented Primary Care (COPC) model. This model provides a strong foundation to understand the challenges and strengths within the U.S./Mexico Border community. Usually the timing of the rotations allows for a joint trip down to Baja California for an international medicine opportunity at the Centro Familiar and Hospital Buen Pastor in San Quentin, and Health Frontiers in Tijuana Free Clinic.

We offer varied experiences in both the inpatient and outpatient settings, including:

View a complete list of rotations for first-, second- and third-year residents (PDF, 200 KB).