Program Highlights

Scripps Mercy Hospital Podiatric Residency program

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Scripps Mercy Hospital Podiatric Residency program

The Scripps Mercy Podiatric Residency Program provides its residents with excellent training in forefoot, rearfoot and ankle surgery.

San Diego’s diverse patient population exposes podiatric residents to a wide variety of patients, including those with diabetes; complex foot and ankle deformities; and traumatic injuries. The program’s comprehensive clinical training is complemented by rigorous didactic training — giving our residents the best opportunity for success.

Learning opportunities

Other highlights of the Scripps Mercy Podiatric Residency Program include the following:

  • An emphasis on biomechanical theory, patient care and clinical exposure that reinforces and expands on medical school experience
  • World class research opportunities research opportunities and facilities at Scripps Clinic
  • Outstanding medical and surgical rotations in a teaching-hospital setting that include:A radiology rotation with Donald Resnick, MD, author of the three-volume radiographic extremity textbook
  • An infectious disease rotation with Gonzalo Ballon-Landa, MD, recipient of the Teacher of the Year award multiple times
  • Integrated internal medicine rotations with interns in the three year Scripps Mercy residency program — one of the top internal medicine training programs nationwide

Clinical highlights

  • Excellent training in forefoot, rearfoot/ankle surgery
  • Preparation for PMSR-RRA certification in reconstructive rearfoot/ankle surgery
  • Research and teaching opportunities at The Podiatry Institute’s fall seminar in San Diego
  • Hands-on and didactic training from a wide variety of experienced clinicians
  • Cadaver lab, journal club, weekly lecture series, weekly x-ray conference
  • Work with orthopedic trauma surgeons and podiatric trauma surgeons at a Level I trauma center (Note: Since there isn’t an orthopedic resident training program at Scripps Mercy, podiatry residents are first to assist on trauma cases.)

    • Participation and integration into a world class internal medicine training program* at Scripps Mercy
    • Surgical rotations at Kaiser Permanente, Scripps Clinic and Scripps Green Hospital (a multidisciplinary group practice), Sharp Rees-Stealy (a multidisciplinary group practice) and private practice

More podiatric residency facts

Check out the average residency case numbers for third year residents in 2013. (Note: There is no guarantee that residents will get the same number of cases from year to year.)

Digital surgery: 275

1st Ray surgery: 328

Other soft tissue foot surgery: 178

Other osseous foot surgery: 145

Reconstructive rear foot/ankle surgery: 242

Total: 1,182

Other Podiatric procedures: 401

Biomechanics: 185

History and physical examinations: 588

Surgeries (other than orthopedic/podiatry): 11

Medicine & medical subspecialty experience: 98

Total non surgical activities: 1,050

Total podiatric surgical cases: 759

Total 1st level trauma: 203

Total pediatric cases: 135