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  • Disease

    E. coli enteritis

    The esophagus, stomach, large and small intestine, aided by the liver, gallbladder and pancreas convert the nutritive components of food into energy and break down the non-nutritive components into waste to be excreted.

    E. coli enteritis is swelling (inflammation) of the small intestine from Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria. It is the most common cause of travelers’...

  • Special Topic

    Ear - blocked at high altitudes

    Ear anatomy

    The air pressure outside of your body changes as altitude changes. This creates a difference in pressure on the two sides of the eardrum. The result is a...

  • Disease

    Ear barotrauma

    Ear anatomy

    Ear barotrauma is discomfort in the ear due to pressure differences between the inside and outside of the eardrum. It may include damage to the ear.

  • Symptoms

    Ear discharge

    Ear anatomy

    Ear discharge is drainage of blood, ear wax, pus, or fluid from the ear.

  • Test

    Ear drainage culture

    Ear anatomy

    An ear drainage culture is a laboratory test to check for infection-causing substances in a sample of fluid, pus, wax, or blood from the ear.

  • Injury

    Ear emergencies

    The ear is a complicated organ controlling hearing and balance.  When sounds waves reach the ear, they are translated into nerve impulses. These impulses then travel to the brain where they are interpreted by the brain as sound.

    Ear emergencies include objects in the ear canal and ruptured eardrums.

  • Test

    Ear examination

    Ear anatomy

    An ear examination is when a health care provider looks inside your ear using an instrument called an otoscope.

  • Disease

    Ear infection - acute

    Otitis media is an inflammation and/or infection of the middle ear. Acute otitis media (acute ear infection) occurs when there is bacterial or viral infection of the fluid of the middle ear, which causes production of fluid or pus. Chronic otitis media occurs when the eustachian tube becomes blocked repeatedly due to allergies, multiple infections, ear trauma, or swelling of the adenoids.

    Ear infections are one of the most common reasons parents take their children to the doctor. While there are different types of ear infections, the most...

  • Disease

    Ear infection - chronic

    The ear consists of external, middle, and inner structures. The eardrum and the three tiny bones conduct sound from the eardrum to the cochlea.

    Chronic ear infection is fluid, swelling, or an infection behind the eardrum that does not go away or keeps coming back. It causes long-term or permanent...

  • Symptoms

    Ear tag

    Many normal children are born with ears that are less than perfect and that may stick out.  However, low-set ears, absent pinna, and abnormal folds can be associated with various conditions.

    An ear (preauricular) tag is a small skin tag or pit in front of the outside part of the ear.