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A Man's Guide to Good Health

Integrative Medicine Specialist Dr. Robert Bonakdar’s suggestions for better health

Is your “check engine” light on? The nice thing about your car is that it tells you when it’s at risk for trouble. So does your body, but you have to pay attention to the clues.

Are you feeling fatigued and adding inches around the middle? Your bathroom scale will display your weight, maybe even your BMI, your body won’t tell you when to head for the gym — or the doctor.

It’s important to know when to seek help, something that doesn’t always come naturally. “Sucking it up” when things go wrong is pretty risky business, but many of us wait for an emergency to take action.

How do I motivate men to get healthy and stay healthy? By appealing to three typically male instincts: the desire to keep score, the love of competition and the drive to “do it yourself.”

Know Your Numbers

So you like data? Figure out where you stand by collecting and tracking key health information, such as Body Mass Index (BMI), waist-to-hip ratio, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels.

Be the Best

If your numbers are good but not great, you can fine-tune your engine with diet, nutrition and other lifestyle changes.

Take Control

Preventive measures, such as quitting smoking, eating healthfully and exercising regularly, can make a huge difference in risk factors for many minor and chronic health problems.

Finally, know when to seek help. Just as the knocking in your car engine could signal a much larger problem, nagging pain, depression or difficulty maintaining erections might be your body’s way of telling you to call your doctor.

Even if you are feeling fine, keep yourself on a regular preventive maintenance schedule, just as you would for your car. When you visit your physician, refer to Integrative Medicine Specialist Dr. Robert Bonakdar’s suggestions to be sure you are in the best condition possible.