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The eco-friendly efforts at Scripps Green Hospital

As part of its Living Green campaign, Scripps Green is reusing when safe, recycling when possible and trying to reduce everything from water to electricity. In the process, the hospital is getting greener by the day. Here’s what’s being done to help the environment heal:

Reclaiming cans

With plans to recycle an estimated 6,000 bottles and cans a year, we’ve put recycling bins around campus. More will be added in 2009.

Switching to safer scrubbing agents and scents

From deodorizers to cleaners, our maintenance department is using more products that are environmentally safe and just as effective as traditional ones.

Keeping a sharp eye on the environment

Scripps Green Hospital replaced most of its single-use sharps receptacles with new containers that can be used up to 500 times. That switch reduces more than eight tons of disposable sharps container plastics and cardboard sent to the landfill yearly.

Crushing cardboard

We recycle an estimated 134,000 pounds of cardboard every year and are aiming to break down and bale even more.

Using fried food oil for truck fuel

No, you shouldn’t eat the fries. But if you do, feel good about this: our fryer oil in the cafeteria is reclaimed to produce bio-diesel. Those who indulge can fuel someone’s ride.

Saving trees by recycling trash

By dropping our documents into recycling containers instead of the trash, we are keeping our environment greener – literally. In the last 12 months alone, we have recycled 1,318,440 pounds of paper. That’s equivalent to about 5,000 trees.

Conserving energy in the dark

Rather than sucking down fuel during peak-traffic times, Sysco delivery trucks can now roll up to the loading dock at midnight, allowing the company to reduce drive-times and fuel usage.

Eating from environmentally conscious containers

In the cafeteria, renewable plates made from sugarcane paper products replaced the old Styrofoam ones. Cold beverage cups are now made from a corn-based substance that’s completely compostable. For sit-down dining, china plates are available to further reduce waste.

Planting light drinkers on the property

With careful planning, our grounds are getting a makeover. Gardeners are replacing thirsty plants with water wise landscaping.

Requiring a repeat performance on tap

We are working on a project to use reclaimed water for outdoor plant irrigation and non-potable purposes.

Curbing our juice use

Not only are we recycling all of our used light bulbs, but we’re installing motion sensor lighting systems in public restrooms to conserve energy.

Providing perks for carpoolers

Employees who share rides to reduce traffic get VIP parking access in a coveted garage.

Making mass transit more affordable

To get more people to commute without their vehicles, we provide coaster, trolley and bus passes at a discount.

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