Light and Tasty Mashed Potatoes

A giant, warm bowl of steaming mashed potatoes is a star of nearly every holiday feast. But traditionally prepared mashed potatoes, full of butter and cream, clock in at a gut-busting 230 calories per 2/3 cup serving. Through a few simple substitutions, you can slash those numbers by nearly two-thirds–and leave more room for dessert.

This mashed potato puree recipe slashes to just 83 per 2/3 cup serving. It also kicks up the flavor with roasted garlic.

No matter how you make your mashers, you’ll always get better results if you boil the potatoes whole and unpeeled, rather than cut into chunks first. This method keeps the spuds light and fluffy, never soggy or watery.

Rich and Velvety Light Potato Mash


  • 3 baking potatoes (medium-large, ~1 c. each after cooking), unpeeled
  • 2 cups cauliflower florets (fresh or frozen)
  • 1 head roasted garlic (method follows)
  • 1 c. fat-free half-and-half
  • Salt (or salt substitute of choice) and fresh-ground black pepper


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Wrap a whole head of garlic (or several heads, if you want handy leftovers) in aluminum foil and place each head in a muffin cup. Bake for 35 minutes, or until the cloves are soft. When the garlic has cooled enough to handle, slice off the bottom of the head and squeeze to release the roasted cloves. Set roasted garlic aside.
  2. Simmer whole potatoes in a large pot of boiling water until easily pierced with a fork.
  3. Drain and let potatoes cool slightly, then remove peels (if desired).
  4. Put potatoes through a ricer for the lightest, most uniform texture; alternatively, use a masher, but be careful not to over-mash, or the potatoes may turn gluey.
  5. Steam or microwave cauliflower florets until 5-7 minutes until soft. Do not boil.
  6. Place cauliflower, fat-free half-and-half, and roasted garlic in a blender. Blend until smooth.
  7. Fold in the garlic/cauliflower mixture into the potatoes.
  8. Salt and pepper to taste.
  9. Cover with foil and hold in a warm oven for no more than 30 minutes.
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