My Eyelids Have Started to Droop as I Age. Can Botox Help or Should I Undergo an Eyelift?

by Ross Rudolph, MD

How to fix droopy eyelids; Botox or Eyelift?

It’s a fact of life: over time we begin to sag. One place this is most apparent is the upper eyelids, which tend to thin with age and lose elasticity.

As a result, the eyelids look droopy, even sleepy, which can accentuate the appearance of aging. Not everyone is happy with this outcome, and plastic surgery can often be of benefit. Some people ask about Botox, but that does not help eyelid sagging.

Various kinds of eyelid lifts are available. Surgery removes excess skin, and sometimes excess muscle and fat, from the upper eyelids. While this is often a cosmetic procedure, if the eyelids are sagging too much and blocking vision, insurance may cover the costs of surgery.

It’s important to carefully consider which approach to choose. Remember, all medical procedures come with some risk. Your plastic surgeon can help you sort through the options.

This Scripps Health and Wellness tip was provided by Ross Rudolph, MD, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Scripps Clinic in San Diego.