Patient Safety, Rights and Privacy

Taking Patient Care and Safety Seriously

During your hospital stay, Scripps wants to meet your expectations, keep you safe and make you comfortable. Learn how patients and providers can partner to accomplish those goals in the following publications:

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For Scripps physicians and staff, respecting patients means involving them in care decisions, and protecting their right to privacy.

Protecting patient rights

When you’re a patient at Scripps, our goal is to involve you in as much of your treatment and recovery as possible, and we encourage you to take an active role in your health care. This makes the healing process a more positive one for patients and families.

For information about patient rights and responsibilities, read the documents below:

Scripps also respects your right to privacy, prioritizing the safeguard of your personal health information. Read the Notice of Privacy Practices to learn more about how Scripps protects your confidential medical information.