Idiopathic Diseases of Man (IDIOM) Study

Research Study Seeks Causes of Rare Diseases

Research IDIOM Genetic Study

Research Study Seeks Causes of Rare Diseases

Scripps is conducting a clinical research study called IDIOM—short for Idiopathic Diseases of Man. The study is using whole genome sequencing to help determine the causes of idiopathic human diseases—those serious, rare and perplexing health conditions that defy a diagnosis or are unresponsive to standard treatments. It is the only known study of adult and pediatric idiopathic cases.

Led by Eric Topol, MD, researchers continue to enroll participants in the IDIOM study, which seeks people of all ages—newborns to seniors—who will provide their saliva and blood samples, as well those of both of their biological parents. The study is not limited to any specific disease types, gender or ethnicity.

How to enroll

Find out if you, a loved one or a friend qualify to volunteer for Scripps’ Idiopathic Diseases of Man (IDIOM) study. View our participant criteria to find out.

Show your support

The IDIOM study is funded largely through donations. If you are interested in supporting IDIOM research, please donate to the Scripps Genomic Medicine Program by contacting Scripps Health Foundation at 800-326-3776 or making a donation today.

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