Wellderly Study

Uncovering the Genetic Secrets of Good Health


Uncovering the Genetic Secrets of Good Health

Scripps genomic medicine researchers are looking to America’s “healthy elderly” — those 85 and older with no history of chronic disease — to help unlock the genetic secrets behind lifelong health.

Led by Eric Topol, MD, the “Wellderly Study” seeks 2,000 elderly volunteers to donate their DNA to the program’s gene bank. One-time blood samples will be studied by Scripps researchers to uncover the protective elements of the human genetic code. The program is open to people of all ethnic backgrounds living in the United States.

While the study will be based in Southern California, participants will also be enrolled in cities across America through Scripps’ relationships with other health care providers.

How to Enroll

To find out if you, a family member or loved one might qualify to volunteer for the study, call 1-800-SCRIPPS (1- 800-727-4777), or e-mail wellderly@scrippshealth.org.