Treatment Programs

Scripps Health staff guides patients through drug and alcohol, substance treatment and recovery programs.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs at Scripps

All Scripps recovery programs, from assessments to aftercare, are supervised and guided by a skilled multidisciplinary team of professionals who understand the recovery process. Based on a thorough assessment, our staff can help you determine which program is appropriate for you.

Extended day detox and outpatient detox

Scripps provides medically supervised detoxification services in an extended day setting with an emphasis on comfort while ensuring safe withdrawal from alcohol or drugs. Our program includes:

  • Medical examination
  • Chemical dependency assessment
  • Psychosocial evaluation
  • Introduction to 12-step recovery
  • Education about chemical dependency
  • Motivational counseling

The outpatient detox program is designed for patients who are medically stable and have a strong sober support system.

Both of these programs are based on the 12-step recovery model, and the patient works with the treatment team to develop a plan for ongoing care. Group sessions focus on the application of recovery skills in everyday life.

Day treatment program

Available to adults who are medically stable and have completed a detoxification program at a Scripps hospital location or elsewhere, our day treatment program provides maximum support and help in a day treatment setting. Participants learn tools and skills required to develop a lifestyle of recovery in a structured, supportive environment.

Family program

A component of our day treatment program, the innovative four-day, intensive family program brings families and supportive friends back together through education. This four-day program was designed by Claudia Black, PhD, and is considered vital in the successful recovery process.

Day or evening adult intensive outpatient programs

Based on the same principles, the day and evening outpatient intensive programs offer an addiction treatment alternative for people who are able to maintain their daily responsibilities while participating in a treatment program. This 20-session program may be attended over a seven-week period, either during the day or in the evening. Included are family sessions designed to educate and support the family and aftercare for up to one year.

Extended outpatient program

This two-week (10 sessions) program is specifically designed for those who have completed steps 1-3 in a 12-step-based program. This program focuses on the completion of the fourth step from Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Steps, and prepares the participant for the fifth step presentation, to be worked on separately with their sponsor. Education, process group and individualized homework time help ensure success and readiness for a life of sobriety. This program continues the step work completed within the Scripps Day Treatment Program, but you may also enroll after completing steps 1-3 in any facility or 12 step program.

Continuing care program

The aftercare program, available free to alumni of day treatment and adult intensive outpatient programs, reinforces the principles of sober living that are taught in all our programs. Groups are led by specially trained facilitators in recovery and address issues and circumstances that can jeopardize successful ongoing recovery.