Pre-bariatric Surgery Program

How to prepare for weight loss surgery


How to prepare for weight loss surgery

Bariatric surgery can be a life-changing experience. As part of your surgery preparation, each of our team members counsel you about your lifestyle, and how different areas of it will relate to the success of your surgery. By identifying your strengths and targeting potential problems before surgery, we can help you improve your chances of reaching your goal weight and maintaining it for life.

Scripps bariatric medical team

Your team includes:

  • Medical clinician
    A medical clinician (doctor or nurse practitioner) will get you started on your journey by developing a thorough medical evaluation and treatment plan tailored to your needs. Your plan may include:

    • Weight loss prior to bariatric surgery
    • Cardiology clearance
    • Screening for type 2 diabetes or adequate control of pre-existing diabetes
    • Screening for and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea
    • Smoking cessation
    • Bringing you up-to-date on routine health maintenance issues (i.e. colonoscopy, mammogram, PAP smear)
  • Clinical psychologist
    Our clinical psychologist will conduct your pre-surgery psychological evaluation and work with you to enhance your understanding of and readiness for bariatric surgery. Together you will create both pre-surgery and post-surgery plans to help maximize weight loss and long-term weight maintenance. Services include:

    • Helpful, supportive pre-surgery psychological evaluation
    • Identification of your psychological strengths that will be helpful to maximize weight loss and maintenance post-surgery
    • Ongoing support and psychological treatment post-surgery
  • Registered dietitian (RD)
    The RD will assess your nutritional needs, review eating strategies and help you make the necessary adjustments for a sustainable healthy eating plan. Topics include:

    • Lifestyle changes required for success
    • New ways of eating for a smaller stomach
    • Necessary vitamin and mineral supplementation to prevent deficiency problems
    • Appropriate types of protein shakes or meal replacements
    • Healthy post-surgery diet plans
  • Registered nurse (RN)
    Our bariatric nurse will meet with you during the pre-surgery period to assess any needs and begin the education process.

Pre-surgery counseling and support

To ensure that your entire process is smooth and successful, we also provide:

  • Bariatric surgery orientation
    This 60-minute orientation seminar gives you an opportunity to meet the surgeon and get all the facts about your bariatric surgical options.
  • Pre-surgery diet prep class
    This 60-minute class teaches you how to eat to prepare for surgery and what to eat when you return home from the hospital after the surgery. The transition from liquids to solid food will be reviewed in detail. This is a small group session with opportunities for discussion and questions.
  • Bariatric support group meeting
    Following your bariatric surgery, you may need support from others to adjust to your new lifestyle, especially from those who have gone through the experience. Held once a month, this free, 60-minute session explores various topics regarding life after bariatric surgery. We strongly encourage both pre- and post-surgery patients to attend.
  • Meeting with the bariatric surgery coordinator
    Our surgery coordinator will help you complete all the steps required by our program and your health insurance. Once you have completed all each step and obtained insurance authorization, we will schedule your surgery along with follow-up visits with our team members.