Cancer Care Resources

Helping you navigate through cancer care

At Scripps, we want you to have the resources you need to make informed decisions about your care. Whether you want to learn more about your condition or keep track of your medications, we’re here to help.

Scripps cancer care patient guide

See our patient guide for information about Scripps cancer services and support, phone numbers and other resources:

Useful forms

  • Appointment form (PDF, 22 KB). Print this out to take with you to appointments. Keep track of questions you need to ask and take notes on it.
  • List of medications form (PDF, 26 KB). Keep track of medications on this form.

Cancer terms

You may hear some terms unfamiliar to you. This glossary of cancer care terms (PDF, 78 KB) can help you further understand your care.


There are many websites available with information on cancer, treatment options and recovery. Make sure you understand where your information is coming from so that you can make informed choices. Below are some helpful websites: