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Scripps Clinic concierge medicine annual membership fees

The Private Internal Medicine Center (PIMC) at Scripps Clinic in San Diego provides concierge medical services to clients who are seeking a more efficient and personalized approach to their health care.

Annual membership fees are as follows:


Under age 65

  • Individual: $3,600
  • Couple: $6,120
  • Dependents, ages 18 to 26: $1,000 each

Over age 65

  • Individual: $4,440
  • Couple: $7,480
  • Couple with one over age 65, one under: $6,825
  • Dependents, ages 18 to 26: $1,000 each

You can change your status as an individual, couple or family at any time with a 60-day notice. You cannot transfer participation in the program to any other individual. The PIMC at Scripps Clinic reserves the right to adjust the fee schedule on an annual basis.

We encourage you to learn more about the benefits of membership.


Diamond level benefits are an additional $2,945 per person.


Diamond+ level benefits are an additional $3,476 per person.