The WholePerson Examination

A Specially-Designed Executive Health Program

Learn more about the WholePerson Examination at Scripps Center for Executive Health

A Specially-Designed Executive Health Program

Scripps Center for Executive Health is dedicated to serving a select group of professionals who want the best in preventive health and early detection. Our executive clients are committed to optimal performance in every area of their lives — including their health.

Learn more and watch a video about a client who took control of his health with the help of the WholePerson Examination.

You’ll be welcomed into an exclusive and comfortable environment where our staff is fully prepared to care for you. Your WholePerson Examination is performed by a multidisciplinary team of Scripps physicians and nationally recognized health experts brought together for your specific health and wellness needs. You’ll start first thing in the morning and finish by 3 p.m. Our physicians and care team come to you, so we won’t waste a moment of your time.

Your day includes:

General health

Heart care testing

Gender-specific testing

Optional tests and lifestyle consultations

Your executive health examination also includes a lifestyle assessment to help you improve your health and overall well-being. We offer a number of optional tests and complementary services as well.

Approximately 24 to 48 hours after your examination, you will receive a complete verbal report of your results from your lead Scripps physician. This is followed by a comprehensive written portfolio of all your results for your personal medical records that will be emailed to you 5 to 10 days after the exam.